Freedom Cleaners

Of New Hampshire

Standard Cleaning Rates

Our rates are based on the size of the home,
how many rooms to clean and the frequency of our service

Weekly...rates start at just $100.00

Bi-Weekly...rates start at just $120.00

Monthly...rates start at just $150.00

One time deep cleaning or Move in/Move out...rates start at just $300.00 (and includes windows!)

Final rates are determined by the size of your home, 
the total number of rooms to be cleaned and the condition of the home...request a QUOTE

Freedom cleaners may add 20% to homes with the following:

Pets with excessive fur
Children with excessive toys left out on cleaning days
Excessive furniture
Excessive home decorations and/or knick-knacks
Excessive clutter and/or messiness
Homes with cleaning needs beyond general cleaning
Located more than 20 miles from Manchester

*Ask us about our discount rates for minimally decorated, well kept homes with no pets!

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