Freedom Cleaners

Of New Hampshire

Carpet Cleaning

Feel better knowing you have freshly shampooed carpets for you and your family to lounge on or even just walk on. Vacuuming often is necessary but so is a good shampoo every once in a while. We recommend seasonal cleaning (every 3 months) or as often as needed. Especially with children and pets, it is important to get a regularly scheduled deep cleaning to keep the house fresh and sanitary.
Less than 1500 sq.ft.  $40 per room
1500-3000 sq.ft          $50 per room
Over 3000 sq.ft.         $60 per room
Stairs          $20
Hallway          $20   
                                                                                        Large Area Rug  (more than 10X10)  $30
                                                                                        Small Area Rug   (up to 10X10)         $10