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Of New Hampshire


Additional Services we offer

One Time Deep Cleaning

This service includes a general cleaning (see above) PLUS:

We wash all woodwork, including doors, door frames, window frames and baseboards.
We vacuum and wash heaters, vents and fans.
We clean and disinfect door knobs and light switches.
We lightly vacuum the tops of window treatments to remove dust.
We vacuum under rugs, furniture and in closets, moving anything that can easily be moved.


Rates for ONE TIME DEEP cleaning HERE to submit a request for a quote!


Spring/Fall Cleaning

This service includes general home cleaning (see above) PLUS:

Cleaning Windows and window frames within reach (Inside/Out)

Wash doors, door frames and knobs

Wash mini blinds/shutters and dusting/vacuuming window treatments

Washing baseboards, heaters and vents

Cleaning Refrigerator (Inside/Out)

Cleaning Cabinets Doors (Inside/Out)

Shampoo carpets, spot clean as necessary

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Move in/Move out

Washing Windows and window frames(Inside/Out, if accessible from  the interior)
Deep Cleaning Kitchens
Cleaning Appliances (Inside/Out)
Cleaning Cabinets (Inside/Out)
Deep Cleaning Bathrooms 
Washing Doors and Door Frames
Washing baseboards and heater
Cleaning all knobs, switches and fixtures
Cleaning ceiling fans (within a 10 foot reach)
Removing cobwebs
Vacuuming and washing floors

Does NOT include:  wall washing or trash removal.

Rates for MOVE IN/MOVE OUT service vary: click HERE to submit a request for a quote!

Post Construction Cleaning

We offer post construction cleaning to contractors of new construction and to home owners after an addition or construction project is completed, getting the homes interior thoroughly cleaned for the home owners to enjoy.

Window washing, (inside/out with expert removal of dust and stickers).

Cleaning the inside/out of the bathroom and kitchen cabinets, shelves & drawers.


Rates start at $0.15 per sq.ft.

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Changing Sheets/ Linens


We offer to change your bed sheets for an additional fee. We ask that you have the sheets out and available for changing and let us know where to put the used ones.

King bed sets $10
Queen and full bed sets $8
Twin bed sets $6
Bunk Beds $10


Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming often is necessary but so is a good shampoo every once in a while. We recommend seasonal cleaning (every 3 months) or as often as needed. Especially with children and pets, it is important to get a regularly scheduled deep cleaning to keep the house fresh and sanitary.

Rates per room based on the size of the house:

Less than 1000 sq.ft..........$30 per room

1001-2000 sq.ft.................$40 per room
2001-3000 sq.ft.................$50 per room
Over 3000 sq.ft.................$60 per room

Stairs  $25
Hallway $20   

Large Area Rug  (more than 10X10).......$30
Small Area Rug   (up to 10X10)..............$10

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Window Washing (Inside/Out)

We clean the inside window and if the windows fold in, we will clean the outside too. We clean in the window tracks, wash down the window frame and sills. 
Rates for window washing vary between $10 and $15 per window.

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Cabinet Cleaning (inside/out)

We will remove all your dishes, utensils, food etc. from all your cabinets and drawers. We dust and wash the insides of the doors, drawers and all the shelving in the cabinets with warm soapy water then dry them so we can put the dishes, utensils, food etc. back all nice and tidy. We finish by washing the exterior of the cabinets and drawers.

Our rates depend on the size of the kitchen, the amount of cabinets and the time it will take to clean. Typically, it ranges from $50-$150.

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Refrigerator Cleaning  

We remove all the food in the freezer and fridge and thoroughly wash the interior, then dry well before replacing all the food back in its tidy positions. We also clean the outside of the appliance, including the tops and underneath, removing all dust and leaving it looking as close to new as possible.


Rates for refrigerator cleaning vary between $25-$40 

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Oven Cleaning

We will deep clean your oven's interior as well as exterior, making sure to remove as much possible stuck on food particles and leaving your oven looking as close to new as possible.


Rates for oven cleaning vary between $25-$40

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